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Noteworthy Plants

July 21, 2002

Feature Perennial Plant Profile
 Our feature perennial plant profile focuses in on 3 exciting new varieties of Campanula.

New this year are Campanula punctata ‘Bowl of Cherries, Campanula takesimana ‘Beautiful Trust’ and Campanula trachelium ‘Bernice’. These bellflower varieties all make excellent cut flowers, as well as sporting attractive and distinctive foliage.

Campanula punctata ‘Bowl of Cherries’ produces masses of fragrant cherry red bell-shaped flowers above a compact spreading mound of foliage. It is notorious for prolific flowering and will re-bloom if the old stems are removed. In addition to being a great cut flower, it is of great attraction to hummingbirds and butterflies due to the brightly colored tubular shaped flowers. The foliage mound will reach 5” tall while the flower stems get up to 15” high. Recommended spacing is 12-15” apart.

Campanula takesimana ‘Beautiful Trust’ is truly something totally different! Instead of resembling bells like most Campanulas, the lacy white flowers of this variety resemble Chinese lantern popping and recurving over the neatly cut foliage. The dark green glossy foliage will reach 26” high. Recommended spacing is 24” apart.

Campanula trachelium ‘Bernice’ is our third exciting new Campanula for this year. This strong, vigorous variety heralds from England. Its claim to fame is that it has DOUBLE flowers! These violet-blue flowers bloom on top of upright stems June through July. These double tubular blooms also attract hummingbirds and make great cut flowers. Flowers stalks reach 24” tall and the plants should be spaced 12” apart.

Introduce these new cultivars into your garden or landscape to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.... and enjoy their flamboyant blooming habits and interesting foliage!

Feature Nursery Plant Profile
Distinctive form and interest are key elements of our feature nursery plant. Chamaecyparis pisifera filifera ‘Sungold’ displays an excellent mop-like form and interesting color, making it a great specimen plant or an equally great accent in borders or low hedges. Commonly known as Dwarf Sungold Thread-branch Cypress, this evergreen plant grows in a mounding form to about 3’ tall. The threadlike foliage on weeping branches gives a mop-like appearance. Bright yellow new growth matures to lime green, which creates its sun-gold appearance. This cypress is attractive at the edge of pond waterfalls as it mimics the weeping and flowing nature of the water. It can be planted along a pond border to blend the transition from plants to water. Try it as a unique specimen for along a foundation or patio. This evergreen shrub is rather slow growing which means easy care with little or no trimming. Although it likes full sun, it will not tolerate open, windy exposed sites. To provide different texture, form and year around interest in your landscape, try this unique evergreen shrub.