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March 16, 2013

The new ones bring so much excitement and fun...perhaps it’s a fabulous plant that maybe you saw in a magazine,  or a new beauty that none of your neighbors or friends has seen, or just something that sets you and your garden apart from everyone else’s.   These new varieties always offer something flower or foliage color, more compact size, longer blooming, more vertical habit, better disease resistance, etc.  So whether you are looking to revamp your whole garden or just need a couple of plants to fill in some spaces, we would love to show you our huge assortment of plants, including our newest varieties...our newest garden treasures!

Here’s a sampling of a few of the exciting varieties that are new to us this year:

Sonic Bloom Weigelas - This is a wonderful new series of Weigela from Proven Winners that will bring colorful blooms to your garden over & over again through summer into early fall. ‘Sonic Bloom Red’ has beautiful flashy red flowers that burst into bloom in late May followed by waves of reblooming until frost. This same fabulous blooming trait is shared by ‘Sonic Bloom Pink’ with its brilliant rosy pink flowers and ‘Sonic Bloom Pearl’ with white flowers that age to a pale blush pink. Like all Weigelas, the trumpet shape flowers are borne all up & down the stems for masses of bloom displaying fantastic color. They are very easy care, thriving in any well drained site with full or bright filtered sun. At a height and width of around 4 to 5 feet, they are a perfect color plant for gardens or foundation plantings.loving perennial is very easy to take care of and will do well in any average, well drained soil.

Mercury Rising Coreopsis – This new variety of Coreopsis will be sure to make your garden the talk of the neighborhood. ‘Mercury Rising’ has blooms of brilliant wine red...yes, RED!  With light dead heading, it will bloom nearly continuously from June to September. It is a spreading, mounding perennial that gets to a height of 15 to 18 inches and a width of 18 to 24 inches. This sun loving perennial is very easy to take care of and will do well in any average, well drained soil.

Bobo HydrangeaFor gardens that have a space limit but still need a show stopping center piece this is the plant for you! ‘Bobo’ is a new Proven Winners dwarf variety of hydrangea that will be sure to turn heads. Unlike other hydrangeas ‘Bobo’ gets to a height of only 30 to 36 inches and a width of 3 to 4 feet, perfect size to incorporate in flower gardens or landscape shrub beds. ‘Bobo’ has masses of beautiful white blooms that grow on strong stems.  Blooms grow larger and fuller over time through the summer. In fall the white blooms age to a pinkish tinge. This shrub does well in a full sun or a partly shaded area, and likes moist, organic, fertile soil.

Gold Heart Dicentra – This new twist to Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart is perfect for any shady area in your garden that needs a little pop of color in the spring and early summer.‘Gold Heart’ has fantastic golden foliage and elegant rose pink heart flowers that bloom along arching stems in the spring.  That beautiful gold foliage really jumps out in a shady woodland garden!   It is a bushy clumping perennial that grows to about 24 to 30 inches tall and 2 to 3 feet wide. When you plant ‘Gold Heart’ make sure to plant it in a well drained area with organic soil.  It also helps to mulch around the bottom of the plant so that the roots stay cool.

Kilimanjaro Viburnum -- We love the Viburnum family of plants!  They have it all with spring flowers, fantastic form & leaf design in summer, beautiful fall foliage color, and bright berries that hang into winter...plants that change throughout the year & reflect our Iowa seasons!  Kilimanjaro is a very cool form with a columnar silhouette made up of horizontal layered branches.  It has been dubbed “Japanese Wedding Tree” due to its distinctive oriental appearance.  Springtime white flower clusters at branch tips, pinkish-red fall berries and green foliage that colors red in autumn are its seasonal attributes.  With no trimming, it should grow to 6-8 feet tall and only 3 to maybe 4 feet wide at the base....a perfect vertical for the corner of the house or patio.  Sounds like Kilimanjaro may become one of our favorites!

This is only a small selection of the wonderful new plants we have added to our list this year!  We would love for you to stop in so that we may show them off to you...and maybe you too will catch “new plant fever”!  Happy gardening!  Hope to see you soon!